Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your Home


You’re ready, you’ve decided to sell your house. It’s wise to interview a few potential Realtors to help you through the complicated process of selling your home. It’s important to find a Realtor you trust to…

  • Help you establish the market value on your home, which is probably the largest asset your family owns
  • Share with you the time line and process for getting your home sold
  • Help you with preparing your house for the market

After being in this business for 11+ years one thing I know for certain is that what you need from your potential listing agent is for her or him to be concerned first and foremost with you and your needs. That’s how you start building trust.

What you don’t need from your potential listing agent is to hear them tell you…

  • How they sell hundreds of homes a year
  • How they have some ‘superior marketing plan’ that is guaranteed to bring more buyers and sell your house faster 

An agent’s track record should play a part in choosing the right Realtor. Certainly experience typically makes an agent more knowledgeable, but does the number of houses they sell every year make them better at representing their clients best interest? I don’t think so…Let’s look at these kind of claims realistically. It would be very difficult for a single agent to sell a hundred, two hundred, three hundred, homes a year without a team of agents and assistants. The agent bragging about selling hundreds of homes is typically the leader of the team. As team leader she or he gets credit for all the sales their team of agents make, they don’t necessarily sell all those homes themselves.  Typically, agents that use this business model also have a staff of assistants who step in to handle things once the listing is signed. This may be an efficient way to handle the sale of a person’s home, but I believe that it isn’t the best way to represent my clients. I believe that it is critically important to know who my clients are, what they need and expect from the sale of their home, and from their Realtor in order to best represent their interest. If you never see or talk to the agent (with the amazing track record) once you sign the listing, how many houses they ‘sell’ every year, may be much less important than you first thought.

Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of selling your home for top dollar and as quickly as possible, is proper marketing. Proper marketing of a home has many facets, from professional photography, correct pricing, proper syndication, to staging your home correctly in order to attract the most buyers. Every agent has access to these tools for marketing a property. Of course, some agents don’t use professional photographers, or think staging is important, or understand proper pricing, but all agents have access to the professionals and the tools to market your home correctly. So, of course, check with any agent you interview to make sure they are using all the latest tools and best professionals to effectively market your home. But don’t be fooled by an agent’s claim that they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more than the average agent attracting buyers with their ads so they can sell your house faster than anyone else. If your home is syndicated properly ALL the buyers searching on line will be able to find your house for sale no matter what real estate website they are using. Agents that spend hundreds of dollars a month on advertising for buyers aren’t trying to sell you house in particular, they are trying to attract buyers to work with who will buy any house...

When looking for an agent to help you sell your home, look for someone who is prepared to explain the current real estate market and how it affects your home, will discuss their marketing plan as it directly relates to your home, and is not only interested in trying to sell you on how great they are…

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