Pesky Wood-Destroying Insects


If you live in a house made of cinder blocks you probably don’t need to read this article. But for most of us we need to be aware of the wood destroying pests that are out there just waiting to chew their way into our homes! The fact is that these pests are everywhere, so you need to aware of the signs from these little pesky intruders. Here are some of the common wood-destroying pests that you may find feasting on your home.

Powderpost Beetles

These grey-brown beetles are no bigger than a pencil eraser, so they are easy to miss. The holes they drill in your house are also small and difficult to see. They can be found anywhere, and they don’t have to have moisture to survive. These little beetles tunnel through wood at an aggressive rate, leaving behind holes that resemble a shotgun pattern.

Eradicating them can be difficult, you can’t just plug up the holes because the beetles will just keep tunneling. Fumigation kills live beetles but doesn’t affect the eggs. So if you see signs of these pesky insects you definitely need a professional exterminator!


Subterranean termites are the most common type of termites found in Northern California. The signs that indicate termites are muddy tubes stuck to areas around your house. These tubes crumble easily when you touch them. You may also find a dusty coating on or around the damaged wood. Another kind of gross sign is piles of discarded wings. In the springtime after termites swarm they lose their wings and begin to multiply.

Subterranean termites like moisture, so be sure to fix those leaky pipes! Again, this is a problem for a professional exterminator. The chemicals to treat for termites requires a licensed professional. You can prevent infestation and re-infestation by eliminating any excessive moisture in or under your home and repairing any damage already done by the termites.

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